• Kurweinguboora Ck Blakeville
    Kurweinguboora Ck Blakeville 8 Kurweinguboora Ck Blakeville
  • Stonehut Rd Werribee River to the South
    Stonehut Rd Werribee River to the South 5 Stonehut Rd Werribee River to the South Sat 10 Dec 2011
  • Werribee River Picnic Ground to the North
    Werribee River Picnic Ground to the North 4 Werribee River Picnic Ground to the North Sat 10 Dec 2011
  • Werribee River Bridges in Ballan
    Werribee River Bridges in Ballan 6 Werribee River Bridges in Ballan
  • Werribee River leaving Ballan
    Werribee River leaving Ballan 7 Werribee River leaving Ballan Sat 10 Dec 2011
  • First tributary
    First tributary 3 The Spargo Creek joins the Werribee River just south of Spargo-Blakeville Road
  • Headwaters
    Headwaters 2 The Werribee River begins with some small streams in the Wombat Forest accessed by the Werribee Track.
  • Wombat Forest
    Wombat Forest 1 The Werribee River begins its life in the Wombat Forest to the east of Korweinguboora.
  • K Road Cliffs
    K Road Cliffs The K Road cliffs are a dramatic example of earthen cliffs offering views over the Werribee Zoo and the Werribee Park Golf Course.
  • Cobbledicks Ford
    Cobbledicks Ford The Ford is one of the historic crossing sites along the River built during the 1850's of bluestone.

The Werribee River Association (WRIVA)

The Werribee River Association (WRIVA) began its life in Werribee Township in 1981, with a view to protect and enhance the natural environment of the Werribee River. WRIVA understood that the whole of the river was important, and has acted strategically and practically, in an effort to gain support for the whole of the Werribee catchment. Based in Werribee, WRIVA works locally with Wyndham City Council, Melbourne Water, and Parks Victoria.


Werribee River Association's newsletter for February 2014 is now available to download.

The Werribee River Association has included its newsletters here for your information.You are welcome to open the issues we provide here, or to print them.

The newsletters will keep you in touch with a great many of our activities and upcoming events, or provide an idea of the things we do.


Doolan St Woodlands Werribee

Report for participants:

The Werribee River Association wishes to acknowledge the wonderful participation of those involved and their support for this inaugural event.

Over fifteen hundred plants were put in the ground with the enthusiastic work of thirty participants from five firms: Holcim, John Deere, Melbourne Fire Essentials, URS and Wallenius & Wilhelmsen Logistics.



Wyndham LitterWatch was an environmental project initiated by Wyndham’s major environmental organisations (Western Region Environment Centre, Werribee River Association, and Western Melbourne Catchments Network) in partnership with the Crossroads Uniting Church, Melbourne Water and Wyndham City Council.


The Werribee River Association is committed to undertake educational initiatives in order to inform and provide experiences for residents and visitors to the area, about the wonders and beauty of the catchment, so that following generations will also treasure and protect it.


Welcome to our new partner Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics in our inaugural 2013 ‘Business Planting Day’.



WRivA is very pleased to welcome Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics who are joining in Holcim Australia Pty Ltd., in our Business Planting Day on July 19 2013.


The Werribee River Biolink Action Plan Project 2010-2012 was managed by LeadWest,  a regional organization interested in sustainable growth and development for Melbourne's west.

LeadWest’s objective was to foster and undertake actions that will support sustainable growth and development of the region.




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