WRIVA is very pleased that Parks Victoria has approved our request to become the Friends of Werribee River Park.

Becoming the FO group will mean that WRIVA must work within the Park’s strategic plan and management policies, as well as following their volunteer charter:

  • Work as part of the Parks Victoria team and demonstrate professional behavior towards Parks Victoria staff, other volunteers and the public;
  • Collaborate with Parks Victoria in activity planning and implementation, paying due respect to Parks Victoria’s management objectives and capacity and responsibilities;
  • Follow specific instructions, requirements and guidelines and take reasonable care of themselves and others;
  • Take opportunities to improve individual and group skills and capabilities for participating in park management;
  • Recognize and not exceed individual physical and skill limits;
  • Provide feedback and constructive comment aimed at improving Parks Victoria's management of volunteer activities.

To become a member of Friends of Werribee River Park simply become a member of WRIVA. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..     

Keep an eye out for activities on our facebook page.

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